Debrielle T. Jacques, PhD

Assistant Professor | Clinical Child Psychology | University of Washington

Forthcoming publication: "Temperament and Child Development in Context"

Book entry in Elements in Child Development series

June 17, 2024

Several colleagues and I have co-authored a book titled "Temperament and Child Development in Context", published by Cambridge University Press. This monograph-style entry in the Elements of Child Development series, set for release August 2, 2024, provides a comprehensive and dynamic dive into the antecedents, manifestations, and classifications of child temperament and applications of temperament research within basic and applied research. Our work also examines historical and contemporary perspectives on what temperament is and isn't, and how temperament operates within and beyond diverse family, community, and cultural contexts. We conclude by offering suggestions for future research, including discussions on how existing theoretical frameworks (e.g., Family Systems Theory, Emotional Security Theory, and relational metatheories) can be uniquely leveraged to deeper, expand, and transform our understanding of child temperament.

The book can be purchased via Cambridge University Press.


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