Debrielle T. Jacques, PhD

Assistant Professor | Clinical Child Psychology | University of Washington

Fresh off the presses! New Publication Alert!

January 29, 2024

My recent manuscript "Lifetime Maternal Alcohol Dependence Symptoms, Maternal Insensitivity to Children's Distress, and Young Children's Blunted Emotional Reactivity" was recently published in Development and Psychopathology! Thanks to the University of Washington, the article is accessible via Gold Open Access, so it will be accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime, thereby increasing equitable access to empirical research.

The paper finds that maternal insensitivity to infants' and toddlers' emotional distress mediates longitudinal associations between maternal alcohol dependence symptoms and child emotional reactivity, and provides preliminary evidence that children may be be overcontrolling or suppressing emotional expresses in the context of maternal insensitivity associated with maternal alcohol dependence symptoms. Future work should further investigate these associations and probe whether, how, when and/or why young children may engage in suppression as a coping strategy in contexts of familial/maternal challenges or risks.

The paper can be found here and on the Publications page of this site.


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