Debrielle T. Jacques, PhD

Assistant Professor | Clinical Child Psychology | University of Washington

Professional Development for Psychology Students

How do I do this?!

Psychology students at all levels rarely receive structured guidance on professional development topics. When we do, it typically stems from one source: our advisor. But there are benefits to obtaining information from multiple sources, such as peers, other professors/advisors. Gaining insight from people with different experiences and knowledge can better prepare you to succeed in academia. 

In addition to academic writing, students benefit from learning more about mentoring (both peer mentoring and mentoring from advisors and professors), how to deliver effective presentations, how to develop a research question, abstract writing, communicating science to general audiences, conference and professional networking, developing and using your academic voice, strategies to market yourself to jobs or labs, negotiating opportunities, how to build your own research lab/team, CV/resume writing, applying to academic but especially non-academic jobs, and so much more! This course would survey these topics and others based on students' reported interests, needs, and challenges. 

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