Debrielle T. Jacques, PhD

Assistant Professor | Clinical Child Psychology | University of Washington

Words Matter: A Systematic Review of How Race/Ethnicity Influences Our Discussion of Addiction and Substance Abuse

 A supplement to my primary research area, this review critically examines how race/ethnicity influence how we phrase, label, and discuss social issues such as addiction and substance abuse. Key questions to be addressed are: Are there differences in how white people with substance use disorders are described and how people of color with substance use disorders are discussed? How might these disparities broadly affect basic and applied research? Lastly, how might we achieve equity and inclusion in our studies of addiction and substance abuse? This review aims to provide evidence of such discrepancies while arguing the need to readdress the narrative surrounding people of color who are struggling with substance use disorders. Doing so may help us diversify our samples and foster trust, transparency, and rapport with historically marginalized and underserved populations.